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Mile End Housing Centre
Eastend Homes
38 Wager Street
Bow, London E3 4JE

Enquiries to: A. Anderson
Tel 020 8880 7805
Fax 020 8880 7810
EmaiI: alma.anderson@eastendhomes.net

Date:      October 2012


Re: Anti-Social Behaviour               Rubbish Dumping

I write to inform you that during the routine estate inspections of your block on the following items were seen on the balcony outside your front door:-

Please note that leaving items of the above nature on the balcony outside the front entrance door is prohibited; a health Hazard; considered as rubbish dumping and a serious breach of your Lease Agreement (Please see copy attached to this letter).

On the 28"‘ October 2011 letters were delivered to each flat informing Leaseholder Tenants and Leaseholder tenant’s not to store items on the communal landing due to fire regulations. Again, more recently on 8"‘ August 2012 another letter was issued informing all residents of the correct manner in which to dispose of their rubbish and to keep the communal area clear (Please see attached).

Therefore Eastend Homes would ask that you complete the enclosed Rubbish Removal Compliance Undertaking (RRCU) form and return it to the office as soon as possible.

By agreeing to sign the RRCU it would have shown your commitment to ensure that no further incidents of rubbish dumping by you, your household or your tenants household will occur again or cause a nuisance or annoyance to other residents in the block.

The document will be placed on your housing file and will be used in the event that you, members of your household or your tenant’s household are identified as perpetrating any further breaches of your lease agreement.

Please also note that if you refuse to sign and return the form, the above conditions still remain. in future any items found on the landing outside your front door will be removed and Eastend Homes will recharge you for the cost of clearing any items that have been left in the communal area.

Please take this warning seriously as any future letter sent will be charged at 75.00 per letter.

I look forward to your full co-operation in this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss A. Anderson

Housing Officer